Kadangi nebuvo ka veikti, ir šeip senokai buvom kažkur išlėkę sugalwojom nuvykti iki šveicarijos, gryžti per jonavą. Žygis vyko rugsėjo 8. Viso susidarė apie 80 km. Diena buvo graži, viskas vyko kaip planuota išskyrus apsilankymą karjere. Fotografijų nedaug, bei prastos kokybes nes turėjome tik telefona.

So everything started as the fishing trip, but with my efforts simple fishing trip became more like complicated journey not only on land, but on the water too. First plan was to go to the village named Liepakalnis, but as we later found out, the route to it was a bit longer than we expected so we came to another village called Pilsupiai. From there we expected to go about 2km west till we reach our first stop river called Šušvė, but as we found out later, it was a bit futher again, about 4km.


Kaip mes Dubysa plaukėme..

“When all the leaves are brown, and sky is grey..” and you have been working second week in a row.. Without a stop.. No matter how cold or bad weather is outside, there is nothing left to do than to grab few things, required for survival, jump into the first train and go somewhere far far away from city and all the civilization..

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