Šušvė Journey (in English)

Šušvė Journey (in English)

2007 liepos 04 d.

So everything started as the fishing trip, but with my efforts simple fishing trip became more like complicated journey not only on land, but on the water too. First plan was to go to the village named Liepakalnis, but as we later found out, the route to it was a bit longer than we expected so we came to another village called Pilsupiai. From there we expected to go about 2km west till we reach our first stop river called Šušvė, but as we found out later, it was a bit futher again, about 4km. Few photos of the trip along the road:

100_4794.JPG 100_4796.JPG 100_4798.JPG

100_4804.JPG 100_4806.JPG 100_4803.JPG

As we progressed idea of turning and reaching the river faster came to our minds, so we left the road and went trough the glades and forests in search of river. We could see some strange figures in front, and as we reached them we found out that it was some kind of the tree covers wich we saw for the first time. Later on we found a brand new wooden statue in the middle of the forest. It was a bit confusing at first, but later on we found out its origin.

100_4809.JPG 100_4810.JPG 100_4812.JPG

As we couldn’t reach the river from that point, because of the swamp, we went back and continued our trip by the road. After a while we reached some kind of park there we found monuments, small lakes, cascades and so on…

100_4813.JPG 100_4814.JPG 100_4815.JPG

After a while we started the assemblage of our kayak. It wasn’t too hard, although we were assebling it for the first time.

100_4820.JPG 100_4821.JPG 100_4822.JPG

With our assembled kayak we continued our trip by water. It was about 8km till the dam.

100_4824.JPG 100_4825.JPG 100_4826.JPG

So finaly we reached our goal, the dam, and decided to go trought the river as well. And after a few minites everything just went wrong :D The flow was too strong, and the rocky bottom was so close that we were forced to stop and get the hell out. It was a bit disappointing, but it was our first trip with a kayak, and we still have whole summer for such a challenges.

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